Sunday, November 8, 2009

rawr. Grizzly Bear. (rawr love.)

I found this and fell in love. Just wanted to share.

Monday, November 2, 2009

My mess and gifts.

See this mess? This is the area that is normally so inspiring for me. Well, needless to say, in this chaotic state it leaves much to be desired. Reorganizing this mess is definitely on my to-do list. Hopefully soon. I am doing quite a bit of knitting right now but that is no excuse for it to look like this. :(

I got presents in the mail today. :) Presents from my good friend myklia who is such a sweetheart! On to the goods...

LOVELY yarn. I can't believe how soft this 100% acrylic yarn is! I am usually a really big yarn snob but this stuff has melted my snobby heart. The first is a Halloween inspired colorway and the second is what we are calling 'super hero' because well, it looks like you put a bunch of super heroes in a blender and mixed them all up. Hows that for imagery?

She was also a doll and sent me some FABULOUS craft felt. I am obsessed with craft felt lately and I have never seen these textured sheets before!! LOVE them! (hmm... what can I make with these????) Thank You Jeanette!