Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Update: MP3 is victorious! (well, somewhat.)

So, I tried the whole, trying to dry up oil from inside of a MP3 player in a bag of rice thing... to no avail. Well, I take that back. I guess it kind of worked. Or maybe just worked a little? Whatever. It plays, doesn't seem to be getting too warm, holds a charge. The only signs that something happened to the device are slight oil marks on the screen itself. Whatever type of screen a 8GB Microsoft Zune has in the first place.

The light/ white spots you see are oil deposits/blobs or just what is still wet inside of the player. I have no idea. I was contemplating trying to figure out how to open up this bad boy but... um, yeah, I know I would never get it back together again.

So for the meantime, I have a working MP3 player. For how long? Who knows.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Silk Drops VS MP3 Player

See this bottle? This little 4 fl.oz. bottle of destruction is what we are calling it from this day forward. I love this stuff. Normally. Found it at Sally Beauty Supply. It is ION brand Silk Drops and I use it on my hair as a de-tangler. Works fabulously. No residue, doesn't weigh it down and I even use it on dry skin. And it is relatively cheap. ($7.99 for this bottle but it really goes a loooooooong way!)

Okay, this post isn't about this product's benifits or how much I love the stuff. It is about my husband's MP3 player meeting its untimely death after a brief run in with this stuff. We left the house and came home to find it sitting in a puddle of this oily liquid. Not good. After much huffing and puffing and storming around the house, I ended up forking over my MP3 since it was 'my' stuff that did the damage. oh well, no biggie really since I rarely ever used mine.

I then remembered about the 'rice' trick for drying out cell phones and other electronics when they get wet. I know it works for drying up water... but will it work for an oil based liquid? Who knows. Worth a try though. Not like this thing could get any more broken by putting it in rice.

So, here goes nothing. I will update you in a few days with hopefully positive results. Eh, or maybe I will be letting you know that I just wasted a bag of delicious basmati rice. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I totally suck!!

Oh my goodness! I really suck! My dear friend myklia (Jeanette) sent me a FABULOUS surprise in my last package from the TSS (Traveling Scarf Swap) on craftster. Some gorgeous yarn. It is 154 yards of Hand Dyed, 100% pima cotton. Gorgeous, squishy and soft. And the color is not true in either of these pictures! (I suck!) It is not pastelie like the first one but a lot more saturated then the second. If you ever happen along 'Araucania' brand pima cotton yarn, give it a squeeze.

I was going to make myself a hat with it, but alas, my knitting is too tight and this yarn was not meant to be my hat. Well, at least not the pattern that I was considering. I am open to suggestions!