Thursday, August 27, 2009

Christmas... #$@%&^^%#$@##$%#$$##

Yeah, so back in May when I was all confident that I would not procrastinate this year and maybe actually get something done early this year, I posted a countdown. I have periodically posted on Facebook and Twitter with reminders of '_ _ _ days left till Christmas' (119 days in case you were wondering) in hopes that I could motivate others and myself to accomplish some crafting early so we can all sit back, pound down the nog and hang out with the yule log.

Well, here we are, 119 days in case you missed it above, the kids are getting ready for school and this is the only thing that I have accomplished so far:A pattern that I purchased from etsy. A lovely flap mitten made with fingering weight yarn. Since taking this picture I am finished up to the knuckle and working on the thumb. I hope to CO the finger flap section soon... although when, I do not know since I need to work on some swap stuff. I really just need to stop swapping.

And just for fun. My bowl of felt fruit acumulated from the felt fruit swap I participated in. The cat has stolen the kiwi, lemon, grapes, peach slices and most of the strawberries. The bowl is looking pretty pathetic. Who would have known that cats would like to bat around felt so much? Wish I could catch her in the act and snap a picture of it.

(...119 days....)

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