Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Purple Potato Experiment

Last Tuesday, after work, I visited one of our local Farmer's Markets. It is a great time of year to do so as many of the vegetables are reaching their peak. I picked up some sweet corn, carrots, onions, an eggplant and something new... Purple Potatoes! These were a new sighting for me! Turns out not so new for other people. Well... I wondered what I would do with these. I wanted to try something that might highlight the purpleness of them. Purpleness? Like how I just made that word up?
Above: Washed and waiting to be peeled. Bellow: Peeled and waiting to be grated. Yes, they are purple throughout.
I wanted to show how pretty it looked as I grated them. Just one tip though. Don't wear a white shirt while doing this. The juices from the potato sprayed my white shirt while grating and now I have a purple polka dotted white shirt. Bummer.
I had 8 or so medium sized potatoes. I added 2 eggs, salt and pepper, and enough flour to create a pancake batter like consistency. It might have been a 1/2 c. or so. I just spooned it in until it seemed right.Naturally, I don't have any photos of the cooking phase but I heated a griddle on medium and then added some butter before spooning a bit of the mixture onto the hot pan. Fry them up, flip, press down and let other side crisp up a bit. I added onions in only some of these as I am the only one that likes onions. But they added so much flavor, I definitely recommend the addition. As you see, the purple fades to an unappetizing gray. Um, they look like meat pancakes. A bit disappointing. Oh well. They still tasted pretty darn good.

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