Friday, July 17, 2009

Silk Drops VS MP3 Player

See this bottle? This little 4 fl.oz. bottle of destruction is what we are calling it from this day forward. I love this stuff. Normally. Found it at Sally Beauty Supply. It is ION brand Silk Drops and I use it on my hair as a de-tangler. Works fabulously. No residue, doesn't weigh it down and I even use it on dry skin. And it is relatively cheap. ($7.99 for this bottle but it really goes a loooooooong way!)

Okay, this post isn't about this product's benifits or how much I love the stuff. It is about my husband's MP3 player meeting its untimely death after a brief run in with this stuff. We left the house and came home to find it sitting in a puddle of this oily liquid. Not good. After much huffing and puffing and storming around the house, I ended up forking over my MP3 since it was 'my' stuff that did the damage. oh well, no biggie really since I rarely ever used mine.

I then remembered about the 'rice' trick for drying out cell phones and other electronics when they get wet. I know it works for drying up water... but will it work for an oil based liquid? Who knows. Worth a try though. Not like this thing could get any more broken by putting it in rice.

So, here goes nothing. I will update you in a few days with hopefully positive results. Eh, or maybe I will be letting you know that I just wasted a bag of delicious basmati rice. Oh well, here goes nothing.


  1. HOW did the MP3 player get into your hair stuff? O_o

  2. I (must have, but this cannot be proven) left the bottle open, DH got back from run, put mp3 player on desk, bottle tipped over (cat?), and there the mp3 player sat in liquid while we were out visiting my mother. Maybe I will call my mom and tell her its her fault. haha.

  3. I saw someone the other day with their Iphone in a bag of rice and wondered what that was all about... now I know! :)