Thursday, October 8, 2009

Information for Swap Partners

Hi! I have seen so many other posts like this and always appreciated knowing that someone took the time for their partners to get this all down in one place for easy reference.

  • Alpaca. This is a very serious allergy for me. I cannot have anything with any amount of alpaca fibers in it.
  • Nickle. I am allergic to most metals but nickle being the usual trigger of reactions. I have been known to have problems with sterling silver and stainless steel too. Because of these allergies, I rarely wear jewelery even if it is beaded because I just never got into the routine of doing so.
  • Not allergies but bothersome just the same: Cigarette smoke and synthetic fragrances. These can trigger migraines.
  • LOVE: Olive, eggplant, rust, mustard, jewel tones and I LOVE browns. I wear a lot of earth and rich jewel tones.
  • PASS: I am not a fan of pastels. Especially pink. I like to say that I am allergic to pink. ;-)
Supplies are always a safe bet for me.
  • I am currently obsessed with anything relating to felt. So, craft felt be it wool or synthetic, wool yarn for fulling, roving for needle felting would all be welcome with open arms.
  • Yarn: I am a yarnie and will always be a yarnie. I find myself using more wool these days but would welcome almost any blend except fun fur types or alpaca blends of course.
  • Sizzix dies: I recently purchased a sizzix bigkick machine and would love it if anyone has any dies to share.
  • Paper: This ties in with the above information. Any scrapbooking paper.
Well, this is a start. I hope this helps someone. I will probably add a similar post sometime soon. Until then, Happy Swapping!

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